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Hostel & Transport Facility

Hostel Facility :-

  • The College provides rented hostel accommodation to those females students who are desirous of such facilities . The facilities in the hostel are given below:- Well ventilated rooms with attached bathrooms A well equipped kitchen with LPG heating arrangement and Aquaguard for clean water. ----Water cooler --- A dining Hall
  • A recreational hall with TV and facilities for indoor games. Facilities for Outdoor Games


    • Students admitted to the hostel shall have to deposit hostel fees as prescribed under University norms.
    • No Students shall change her room / bed without the permission of the warden.
    • The Students shall not cause any damage disfigurement to the furniture , equipment or other articles of the hostel. The damage shall have to be made good by the defaulter with a minimum penalty of Rs500/-
    • Mess charges are to be paid in three installments . Once a student opts for hostel he /she shall not be allowed to leave.
    • The interness at the hostel shall be under the overall controll of the warden and they shall stictly obey orders in every detail.
    • No students will remain away from the hostel after specified hours without the previous permission of the warden.
    • The hostelers shall not distrub students by making noise, listening music Highpitched audio equipments etc.
    • Drinking , Smoking , Returning after Scheduled timings , remaining away without permission is prohibited.
    • Only Parents/ Guardians or Persons specified in the Hostel admission form alone shall allowed to visit the students in the hostel on specified days at specified time. No Other be visitor shall be allowed.
    • Before proceeding on leave, the hosteler shall fill and sign the check-out register in presence of the warden after obtaining proper permission.
    • No guests / relatives shall allowed in the hostel.
    • Night stay outside the hostel or visiting relatives / friends is not allowed.
    • Hosteliers are responsible for the safe custody of their belonging , cash , valuable etc.
    • Ragging is not Allowed in the Hostel

    The College has minibus at its disposal and offers free transport facility to the students and staff members as per their needs

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The Jammu University was stablished in year 1969 and has not lost its control in any sense, since then. Some of the fine philosophers and successful personalities are the outcome of this university exquisitive teachings. B.ED has been one of the most honored degree of Jammu University. It not only aided the local population of the area but also the learners from other parts of our nation actively participated in this course. B.ED has now become a must for those searching for jobsin communal as well as private zones. And this is what has made it mandatory for the universities to transmit their supreme learnings to their students. And Jammu University has never ceased to put in its ultimate efforts. Jammu University is deemed to be an A grade establishment which stands only for material and spiritual aspects of life and successfully organizes examinations, quenches the thirst of citizens for knowledge and generates wisdom in them.
This university is well recognized by UGC. And assures to shape the off springs of the community by divulging its scholars into the well required lessons. It targets on research, training and scrutinizing all the branches of education. The best part of Jammu University is its smooth pricing policy. Discipline and culture is extremely taken care of rather than the sole earning prospective

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