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In a Country with many bright talents, there has always been the need to empower deserving students. It has always been RS’s endeavourer to reach out to the young generation and give them the means to fulfill their dreams of life by providing them technical, professional as well as academic education. Many changes have come in the field of Higher Education in different parts of the world. Our MOTTO is to provide Quality Education to shape the personality of students in different fields, likewise, creating competent professionals having a mature listening skill, capable generate to new ideas and to set the goal for peak performance, motivation for self confidence, creativity in positive mental attitude and complete personality make over. Creativity - the ability to bring something new into existence. Our creations consist of a restructuring of existing ideas, forces and materials into new form. This process is first conceived in the mind and then a tangible expression given so that its effect is seen. Creativity is therefore, "Thought and execution". Our Commitment is certain to fulfill the need of society and this can only be possible with your Co-operation and good wishes with us.

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The Jammu University was stablished in year 1969 and has not lost its control in any sense, since then. Some of the fine philosophers and successful personalities are the outcome of this university exquisitive teachings. B.ED has been one of the most honored degree of Jammu University. It not only aided the local population of the area but also the learners from other parts of our nation actively participated in this course. B.ED has now become a must for those searching for jobsin communal as well as private zones. And this is what has made it mandatory for the universities to transmit their supreme learnings to their students. And Jammu University has never ceased to put in its ultimate efforts. Jammu University is deemed to be an A grade establishment which stands only for material and spiritual aspects of life and successfully organizes examinations, quenches the thirst of citizens for knowledge and generates wisdom in them.
This university is well recognized by UGC. And assures to shape the off springs of the community by divulging its scholars into the well required lessons. It targets on research, training and scrutinizing all the branches of education. The best part of Jammu University is its smooth pricing policy. Discipline and culture is extremely taken care of rather than the sole earning prospective

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